Guards Public Schools envisage to provide quality education to the students on modern lines, commensurate with nation aspiration and technological demands of the new era, in an atmosphere conducive to their healthy, mental and physical development.

Aims & Objectives

  • Education aims to equip students adequately with both mental and physical potentials so that they feel ready to take up the challenges, shoulder the responsibilities of life  with confidence, take pride in their  religion, country culture, heritage and profession. Following aspects of student’s education is, therefore, looked into and catered for, as effectively and efficiently as possible.
    • Development of personal qualities like honesty, integrity, self discipline and diligence etc, through appreciation, affection, reward and indoctrination by the teachers.
    • Development of interest in co-curricular activities so as to develop student’s innate skills, aptitude and mode of expression to broaden their horizon of  general knowledge through dramatics, declamations, excursions and study tours etc.
    • Development of a sense of pride, excellence and achievement through healthy competitions between the individuals as well as groups in the field of academic sports and other co-curricular activities.
    • Development of leadership qualities like initiative and confidence by providing opportunity to hold appointment in various societies of the school.