Chairman’s Message

Brigadier Ateeq Ur Rehman
Afwc, psc, (I) qsI

Pakistan Coast Guards Education Institutions offer ideal environment towards developing and enriching the latent faculties of students for their individual  and collective uplift. In short span of time, the Guards Public Schools have earned reputation and academic achievements through devoted and dedicated  efforts at all tiers. In addition to the work carried out in the class rooms, various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are planned and executed  to groom the students towards achieving personal excellence. The cumulative effect of all this is the development of a balanced personality. These activities are offered in an atmosphere that is positive, supportive and purposeful. I look forward, along with my Principals and staff to welcome Parents desirous to send their son/daughter to Guards Public Schools, where we are pledged to eventually transform them into educated and good citizens of Pakistan.


Pakistan Coast Guards has always been aware of the importance of good education for the children of the Pakistan Coast Guards personnel. This intent and purpose thus necessitated mobilization of its own resources which finally led to the establishment fo Guards Public School I,II and Subsequently the College. The foundation of Guards Public School was laid in February 1991 and the College was established in 2001. Guards Education Institutions are symbols of quality education. Their administration duly keeps in view the importance of an over-all development of the students. Therefore, the curriculum of the institutions include various academic disciplines, programmes for character building, physical activities, religious motivation and various hobbies.

Principal GPS-I

Mrs Nighat Maqsood

Guards Public School Kiyani Shaheed Road Branch is an epitome of academic excellence. It actively pursues a well defined and comprehensive  system of Education.

GPS-I established itself as a junior school in 1990, since then there has been no looking back for the institution which believes in the dispensation of quality education. Today, it stands as a progressive forward looking institution promoting love for learning and independent thinking among its students.        Over the years, it has established its distinction and excellence in all the facets of educational development. Every member of the faculty is imbued with the spirit of dedication and conviction to harness new vistas of academic excellence. The excellent results are manifestation of the well defined system, dedicated efforts of the faculty and congenial environment for learning prevalent at the campus. The journey of enlightenment at this prestigious institution continues, as days pass by, with firm resolution to take it to further heights of glory.