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  • Until late sixties, Pakistan Customs was responsible for land and sea based frontiers of Pakistan with the objective to prevent smuggling of contraband items into and from Pakistan.
  • Earlier in 1958, when Gwadar became part of Pakistan, the coastline got extended to about 1000 Kilometers, touching Pak – Iran border in the West. The extended frontages made the task of the Sea Customs further difficult, as it was then the only anti-smuggling agency responsible to watch the entire coastline in addition to land based activities.
  • Resultantly, skeleton Headquarters of Pakistan Coast Guards was set up at Karachi in June 1971.
  • Later in October 1972, raising of this force was formally promulgated through a Presidential Ordinance, which was later replaced by Pakistan Coast Guards Act of 1973.
  • Ever since, Pakistan Coast Guards became a component of Civil Armed Forces and functions under the Ministry of Interior.